Football Senior #78 Elijah Evens

Senior Athlete Profile


Elijah Evans is the center for the Coyote Football Team. He is 17 years old and he is 5 foot 11 inches. Elijah has started for the varsity team for the past two years. He didn’t always play center for the football team. He was moved all around the line until he settled at the center position.

Evans started as a guard at the beginning of last year and then moved to the tackle after a couple games, then he filled in for the starting center towards the end of the season. He played center in the conference championship game with a broken finger.  Going into this season he has become a leader to the younger kids on the team and became a good roll model and a good team captain. His favorite memory about football is the bus rides after a win. He will be playing this Friday in the state game against Brewster.