Senior Spotlight; Rafael (Junior) Cisneros

Big Plans For Senior Student Rafael Cisneros


Rafael, or better known around Columbia high school as Junior, is a senior in our Burbank community. He doesn’t play sports for the school but he occasionally plays basketball with his friends. He has been in Burbank since he was in kinder and his older siblings joined in their elementary and middle school years. His younger sister has went to Columbia through her entire education.

He has two best friends who are also seniors,  Javier Lopez and Colin Rogers. He is very smart and gets good grades. Anyone who has been around Junior has had a great laugh. He is definitely the class clown of Columbia high. 

He plans, after graduation, to pursue a career in the mechanical engineering field.  Hopefully he can achieve his goals and get there one day! He also plans to travel the world with his friends, Javier especially! Good luck to you Junior and your life journey!