Lady Coyotes Softball 2022

Softball Season Is In Full Swing


The girls were so excited to be back out on the field and to start to prepare for their first game this season. They voted for team captains and the results are Josie Lee and Taylor Kranz.

We Also have a few new people volunteering to help us, Jaelyn Wilbert, Allie Eutsey, Lacey Young , and One of our own players dad. They have been so helpful this season so that we could be prepared for our games. Hopefully soon we can get pictures to put out of the girls in action on our upcoming game.

The coaches this year are Chris, and Micheal Eutsey ( father of Allie or Allison). They’ve all been in the program for a while so it’s nice to have experience on the field with us.  Come watch the Coyotes on the field.