Columbia Prevails Over Kittitas

Burbank Wins 35-13


The Coyotes took the trip to Kittitas and had a slow start into the game but slowly found their groove after going down 7-0. Tristan Frimodt Caught a deep pass from Michael Lenke to put the Coyotes on the one yard line.  The next play Elijah Kinsey bullied his way in for 6, The Coyotes were firing on all cylinders with freshman Matthew Wilder getting an interception to put the Coyotes in position to score. RB Elijah Kinsey left in the 2nd quarter due to a knee injury.  The Score was 14-13 at the half with Kinsey sidelined.  But the Coyotes used that as fuel to keep fighting. Tristan Frimodt took a reception on a drag that he shook the defenders and ran through the last defender for a touchdown. Shaun Wilder took over the Rb position and went on a rampage with multiple 20+ yard rushes. Later, Quincy Scott caught a screen pass and shook a defender and tossed another defender then dove into the end-zone for the touchdown.   The final score was 35-13 the Coyotes get win number two on the season putting them at 2-1.  The next game will be home against Goldendale Friday night.