Burbank Girls Soccer Starts Season With A Win

Coyotes Beat White Swan In A Shootout


The Columbia-Burbank Soccer team opened their season on Tuesday against White Swan.  Both teams played hard in their first contest of the year.  White Swan led 1-0 late in the game until Yenni Vasquez tied the game with a goal for the Coyotes.  The game moved into overtime tied at 1 to 1.  After the extra minutes the score was still tied and moved to a shootout.  Each team would get 5 shots on goal from a penalty kick spot. The rules for a shootout include that each team has 5 players attempt one kick each.  After both teams took their five shots on goal, the Coyotes came away with the win.  Coyote goals were scored by Esther Garcia, Soraya Lopez, and Faith Williamson.

Burbank is 1-0 on the season and will play again Thursday night at home.