Senior Spotlight: Axyl Carter

Senior Student Loves Sports and Music


Axyl Carter is a Senior at CHS.  He has been in the Burbank school system from Preschool to 12th grade. He is a very social guy that has been a part of the Basketball, baseball, football, and tennis teams.  He also has been involved in band and music/choir.  Axyl is also attending Tri-Tech for part of the day in the broadcasting program.  Listen for him on 88.1 as he gives the Tri-Cities their music.

In middle school Axyl played the tuba and when he got to high school he switched to the guitar, and also joined the choir team. Growing up Axyl has always had a love for music and some days wishes to be a singer.  He has even been known to sing in some local venues receiving rave reviews.

Axyl has a few Hobbies that he likes to do everyday. When he comes home from school he creates new beats that he then uses to create new songs with. On every Monday at the Emerald in downtown Richland you can sign up and perform in front of an audience. After his performance he has gotten a lot of positive comments to keep making songs and performing. Axyl has also found a new hobby of skate boarding, what he likes about skate boarding is that its calming and he can do it with his family and friends.