Seahawks 2-Game Stretch Could Determine Playoffs

NFL Post Season Look


After quarterback Russell Wilson was traded to the Denver Broncos, the expectations for the Seattle Seahawks’ 2022 season — at least outside of the team — were bleak, with many predicting that they would have the worst record in the league. Heading into Week 13, that is far from the case. Seattle is playing well and quarterback Geno Smith is shattering expectations this season. The Seahawks currently stand 6-5, falling from the top spot in the NFC West after losing their last two games. Smith discussed the most recent defeat, a 40-34 overtime loss to the Las Vegas Raiders, saying Seattle needs to be able to close out those types of games.

Smith is playing better than Wilson is this season, with a 72.8 completion percentage and the second-best passer rating in the league at 107.9. Even with his solid play, Smith says he looks at himself for how to improve rather than blame other players for the losses.

Next up for the Seahawks are the Los Angeles Rams, who have struggled this season. This is a good chance for Smith and the Seahawks to regroup and get back on a winning track.  Seattle is in the post season discussion which is beyond what most experts thought possible.