The Community Dog


This week was a devastating loss for most, this puppy passed away due to an encounter with a black German Shepard. Many believed this dog could survive anything, lasting almost two years, two bone chilling winters and two beating hot summers.  The dog could be seen crossing the road to Friends Corner regularly.

This stray chihuahua found its way up a lady’s porch, searching for a place to go. The Burbank resident already knew about the dog and had put a dog house on the porch hoping it would find it. She took care of the dog, fed it, and gave it water for most of its stray life. So the chihuahua knew it was loved. But nobody ever actually got to touch it because it was still too frightened.

People might’ve seen this dog running around Burbank close to the gas stations as it would go there often, looking for food and scraps. Everyone tried to feed the dog but didn’t even come close because it would just run away. The chihuahua became known as the community dog, loved by everyone and will be greatly missed.