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Many are choosing new classes for their next year of high school or some even coming into high school. A class that I recommend from being in it, is leadership. It’s a class for juniors and seniors but sophomores can be allowed into the class with a tight schedule.

The class is fun and it honestly helps your attitude it makes you want to change for the better. Being in the leadership could help you out in many other ways as well. For one, it’s worth a college credit, and for two it’s good on your transcripts and lastly it could help you get into college or get a job. One thing that happens in the leadership class is we have a first grade buddy we’ll go down to their class or they’ll come up to the high school.  We’ll do fun activities with them or make something that one of us the kid or the teenager can keep. we as the older kids try to inspire them, make them happy, get them out of their shell, and get them excited to grow up. The leadership class alone also has fun doing there own activities.