New Coyote Chronicle Staff Member

My Name is Kyleigh Milton. I am between the ages 15-17 I am in the eleventh grade this year and I go to Columbia High School. I don´t have anything to say about after school activities because I am not involved in those types of things but if I had to choose I would join either softball or volleyball. Softball was my first choice because I have played before, volleyball would just be a for fun to get the high school ¨experience¨ I guess you could say. I don´t have many hobbies. I´m more of a laid back person but when I do get out and do stuff I´m usually with friends, long boarding or doing any fun outdoor activities like hiking, exploring abandon places and cliff jumping.

One favorite of mine would have to be summer.  Summer is great because I get time off of school, I’m able to take vacations and it´s overall just a great season.  An interesting fact about me is my eyes turn different colors when the seasons change or when I´m in different lighting they will turn a different color.