Students Get Involved

Sydni Safford Paves the Way at Fair

Several students throughout the spring and summer months get involved in the community by raising livestock to show in the local fairs through clubs known as 4H. Sydni Safford, a senior, chose to raise a hog this year to show at Benton Franklin Fair and Rodeo.

This process starts early in the year when the kids have to go select the animal they want to raise. A typical good hog to pick would be one that’s short and has a lot of muscle, because those are the ones best for ham and bacon. Most buyers tend to buy depending on the meat quality of the animal, so the better the meat, the more money the shower will make. Each exhibitor gets a chance to show the meat quality of the animal and their project to the judges.

Sydni showed in each class over a few days and ended up placing in the market class she participated in. She got second place in her fitting and showing class and even got a call back to compete in the championship round of showing. 4H gives students great experience and builds lots of lifelong skills. “I may not have won the best hog or showman over all the exhibitors, but to place so highly is a big deal and shows how much I have grown in the exhibitor world over the years” stated Sydni Safford.  In the Benton Franklin Fair, she ended up selling her 279 pound hog for $8.00 a pound.