Meet The Candidates Running for Senior Class

ASB Offices Decided This Week

Who’s running for Senior class President? Vice President? Secretary? Public Relations?  and Treasure?  Here are your candidates: Leslie Moedano for senior class President, Emely Hernandez for senior class President, Krystn Campbell for senior class Treasure, and Christian Edwards for senior class Secretary and Public Relations.

” I Leslie, am running for Senior Class President, it’s been a great experience being part of of Columbia high for my 4th year! I’ve taken a lot of responsibilities here in CHS such as being President for my junior year, being part of ASB since 8th grade, and my junior year I was student representative for Columbia School District board.  This wouldn’t be something new to me, I can take action on and fix something when needed. I’m open to any opinions and take in any request, I hope to accomplish the goals we have for this year, and make sure we also have a fun year.”

“I Emely, am running for senior class President because I think that I will make a great president, I know what it takes to be a President because I am ASB president I know what it’s like, I am a dedicated person, I know how to be efficient and make hard choices.”
” I Krystn, am running for Senior class Treasure for the reasons that I have always loved school spirit, and have wanted to get involved. I already am apart of and love leadership class.  I believe by being Treasure I will help come up with some radical fundraising ideas in order to have an awesome senior celebration. I would love to incorporate fundraising. I have some experience fundraising for occasional fundraisers. I’ve fundraised for things programs such as penny for patients, some sports, and food drives that does not include money but did include some happy families receiving food. This year will be one to remember.