Senior Spotlight: Sadi Jo Webb-Safford

Senior Spotlight: Sadi Jo Webb-Safford

Sadi Jo,  is currently a Senior at Columbia High school and has been attending CSD since preschool. Her earliest memory attending Columbia School District is playing in the Elementary school gym with the big colorful parachute.

When asked about her first day she stated, “I remember I was excited, but confused why kids were crying.”

Her favorite memory was when the Middle School band, in which she played Alto Saxophone, took a field trip to Idaho to preform and then went to Silverwood Theme park. Her favorite teachers are Mrs. Tina and Mrs. Kelly because they have helped her a lot in school. She has worked hard in school to understand what she is learning and get all her work completed.

Sadi’s favorite class is leadership because she likes to be involved and be creative. Throughout attending CHS she has participated in ASB for two years, leadership for three years, choir for two years, cheer all four years, and drama club for two years. Not only is she involved but very committed.

Sadi Jo has been especially committed to cheer, in which she has done all four Football and Basketball seasons. Through her commitment, loyalty, and love for the sport, she gained the title of All American Cheerleader, her sophomore, junior, and senior year. Through this she has been able to travel to Hawaii to preform in the Pearl Harbor Parade as well as London for the New Year’s Parade.

Sadi is a very loyal friend who isn’t afraid to stand up for those around her and say what’s on her mind. She enjoys the small and close community we have here in Burbank, where she has made many friends, but she is very eager to attend college. Sadi’s dream college is Central Washington University, which she was accepted into and plans on attending in Fall of 2024. At college she plans to get a degree in something related to Education and continue to cheer, where she is bound to continue to do incredible things.

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