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Seniors Pay Attention!!

Writing Exit #7

All seniors make sure that you have finished or are close to finishing your last writing exit. Be sure to revise it with a friend or teacher I’m sure they’d be more than happy to help you out! If you need a refresher on what your exit should have you can always look at the Senior Class of 2024 google classroom. But for those of you who are already here this is what Mr. Gale had said should be in your essay.

It should include an introduction paragraph introducing what it was that your project was on. As well as a few body paragraphs explaining what you made or learned from your research or doing if it was anything physical. And finally a conclusion explaining whether you want to pursue the topic you chose as a career or if it ties into what you want to study. It could just be that you realized you don’t want to pursue that topic and instead wish to leave it as a hobby or maybe it’s now a useful skill to have.

Again the google classroom or Mr. Gale can elaborate more on what it should have or look like.

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