Deadly Hurricane Ian Hits Florida

Disaster Strikes Florida


Hurricane Ian has caused massive pain in Florida.  This was one of the deadliest hurricanes since 1935, many victims drowned. On September 27 , Thursday afternoon rescue crews piloted boats and went through inundated  streets in hope to save thousands of Floridians trapped in their flooded homes and buildings that were left absolutely destroyed. This has been a devastating time for this region.  Thousands have been sent to Florida to help in the recovery efforts.

Hurricane Ian eventually crossed its way up into the Atlantic Ocean and went its way down toward south Carolina. State authorities have documented 89 deaths as of right now, but county sheriffs have reported dozens more pushing it to more than 200 deaths. The storm surge was as high as 18 feet and swept through homes and buildings trapping some people inside and others across the dangerous brown gunk river. Some people made the choice to stay in-spit of the consequences they might face because they felt like it was the rational decision to make at the time of everything happening , but many soon regretted it because the storm was just too strong.