Avatar: Way of the Water


Spoiler Warning!!!

13 years ago we were blessed with the breathtaking world of Pandora. 13 years later we return to this beautiful moon and explore the way of the water with Jake and his Family. The point of the plot is that Jake has to hide his family from the RDA, he does this by traveling to the reef clans of Pandora, Mainly the Metkayina Clan.

The reef clan is initially hesitant to provide shelter for Jake’s family but eventually gives in. Jake now has a family of 5 that consists of 3 biological children and 2 adopted start exploring the reef and practicing the way of the water.  Once the way is learned, the RDA discovers Jake’s location. The main villain from the last film, Miles Quaritch is now in an avatar body of his own, along with his entire squad. They are tasked with hunting down Jake and will do anything necessary to find him. They Eventually find him and big battle ensues. After the battle ends, Jake has unfortunately lost his eldest son, Neteyam.

This is surely a great time for avatar fans as there are 3 more films in production with the 3rd one coming out next year.