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Senior Spotlight: Elizabeth Cummings


annie is always there to listen even when no one else will

— lizzie

Lizzie is a cheerleader for football and basketball season. She is planning to do track again this year. She loves cheering others on and in her free time she hangs out with family and does crafts. She makes bracelets and makes diamond dots. After high school she is planning on going to college and becoming an EMT.

Her friends that she hangs out with most days are Lynley Mickleson, Anayeli Diaz, Tiffani Howell,and Marcus Nation. Elizabeth’s favorite staff that she has become very close with is Annie Agular. Cummings transferred from Hanford high her sophomore year and has enjoyed the move to Burbank. Her uncle Zachary Morrison went here so she said she would give it a shot and she hasn’t regretted it since.

Elizabeth has cheered every year and she did softball her sophomore year but then decided to do track last spring. She plans on going to a college in Seattle after she graduates this year to get her EMT degree and then become a Neonatologist, which is the primary people who work with babies in the NICU. For now, she will focus on enjoying her senior year and preparing for her future.

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