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Senior Spotlight: Yennie Vazquez

Senior Yennie Vazquez has a very bright future ahead of her

Yennie Vazquez is a senior in high school here in Burbank.  she is preparing for her future as she works towards her high school diploma, she is also working on her Bachelor’s of Nursing from Columbia Basin College (CBC). After she graduates high school in 2024, she will still have two years left to complete her  college degree.

Vazquez’s ambition does not end there. She has her sights set on earning a Master’s of Nursing from the University or Oregon. In the event she is not able to attend Oregon, she is already planning ahead to save up money from her job as a nurse and move to Oregon to pursue her dreams.

Vazquez’s dedication and enthusiasm for her future is inspiring. She is passionate about her career and knows exactly what she wants to achieve. She is setting a great example for her peers and is an inspiring role model for younger generations.

Vazquez’s future looks bright with her current plan and ambition. She is sure to be successful in her endeavors and will no doubt make a great nurse.

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