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Senior Spotlight: Jade Albee


Jade Albee is an 18 year old Senior attending Burbank. Jade has been attending Burbank since Kindergarten and says her first day was awkward and she was scared. Her first and most favorite memory was doing the talent show with her best friend, Morgan Wright. She states that her favorite teacher is Mr. Gale because he is very nice and she likes his classrooms atmosphere. Along with this, her favorite class is Government because she says learning about different types of history, countries, and cultures is interesting.

Jade, born on November 4th, 2005, is an extremely kind person who is talented in art, singing, and dancing. Jade loves to spread positivity to those around her and can bring the mood up at any time. She is a dedicated and loyal friend who is loved dearly by those around her. She states “My favorite thing about attending high school is seeing my friends and making memories with them. I also like to learn fun and different things in my classes and being active in clubs and programs.” She has been very active in her school community, participating in leadership, cheer, choir, and drama club where she gets to express herself and show off her talent.

She says her dream career is to be a baker or barista at a bakery or cafe, and ultimately it would be her dream, to be a singer or performer. After high school she wants to get a few jobs and go to a college where she can learn culinary arts. She isn’t set so far on a specific college and is open to anything currently. She says she’s had a positive and quiet experience at CSD.

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