New Frisbee Golf Course

Students Create A New Activity For Burbank


Ellcee putting the chains onMrs. Tina’s math reasoning class has been working hard on creating a Frisbee Golf Course for all three schools to enjoy. The class consists of Emmalee Lawrence, Ellcee Vernam, Shayley Larson, Gus Mullen and Antonio. They have done a lot of research on frisbee golf to make sure we can make the best course possible.  The 5th hour class has gone outside multiple times to measure out the distances between the baskets.  The class has the baskets put together and the action is almost ready to go!

A big thank you to Mrs. Tina and Mr. Miller for making this possible for the math reasoning class and the rest of the Burbank schools. The class has really been enjoying this new fun assignment.  If you have any questions about the new golf course see Mrs. Tina.