No Masks Beginning March 21 in Washington State

Most Public Places Will Be Mask Free

Mask requirements for most public spaces will stop march 21st 2022, and many Covid-19 restrictions will now be recommendations. On Thursday governor Jay Inslee handed down new guidelines that don’t require masks in the following places: schools, childcare facilities, churches, bars, gyms,restaurants, grocery stores and other business establishments.

But, the state will require it in the following:

  • Health care and medial facilities
  • Long-term care settings
  • public transportation
  • correctional facilities
  • Private businesses and any other stores that want to enforce mask rules

Local governments will still have the authority to enforce their own face mask and vaccination requirements for employees or customers School Districts also can choose to keep this mandate for students and staff members.

Inslee wanted to keep getting data to make sure we were safe enough to drop this mandate, being that we were one of the last states to still have mask mandates as do Oregon Illinois and Hawaii. In California they dropped the mask mandates indoors for vaccinated people. Hopefully We get this mandate lifted soon.