Mrs. Melton

Columbia High’s Librarian


Mrs. Melton is our school’s Librarian. She has been a Liberian for 12 years and has also worked at this school for 12 years. What Mrs. Melton loves most about being a Librarian is helping students. If Mrs. Melton had to recommend something for all students to read she said, “ I would recommend every student read biographies so they can learn interesting facts about people and know how they have endured crisis or have had great joys in their life.”

Growing up Mrs. Melton wanted to be a race car driver she says she has a lead foot. For those who don’t know what a lead foot means, it means they are heavy on the gas and tend to go fast. Mrs. Melton loves to help students so if you ever need help making copies of papers or need help finding an interesting book to read you can ask Mrs. Melton and she will help you find a book you might like. We are so lucky to have an amazing person like Mrs. Melton working here with us in Burbank.