Get To Know Mrs. Kelly

Coyote Graduate Returns To Teach

Sheena Kelly is probably the sweetest teacher I know and very mother like with her students.  She creates a very good bond with her students. She teaches all things science like Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Mrs. Kelly has four kids and two actually attend school with us at the high school. Her oldest son is a junior and she also has a freshman son here.  Kelly is the senior class advisor and really enjoys that. She is always open for students to come in at lunch to get help or to hangout. She has a long family history here at CHS.  Mrs. Kelly, Mr. Sloan, and Mr. Alley actually all graduated here together the same year.  They liked it here so much they returned to teach.  Her dad and grandma graduated here as well. This is actually her 9th year teaching and all 9 years she has been here at CHS! Her favorite color is green and she loves Italian food and of course chocolate.