Varsity Softball

On Tuesday the Coyotes played Desales, Burbank won the first game and lost the second one. During the first game Josie Lee had a lead of  2 runs on the bat, while Desales had 6 runs. They played strong, the team is coming together very well by coach Mike, Lacey, Brent, and Taylor Kranz. The score so far for the girls this year is 3-2.

Practices are everyday from 3-5 right after school to get that work in. The team consists of 11 girls. Kenzie Aldous, Yocelin Arango, Makena Kranz, Joci Laws, Josie Lee, Amara Magana, Sofia Ortega, Vanessa Ortega, Gracelyn Waters, Ava Womack, and Nancy Leahy. So far everyone is enjoying it and having so much fun getting to know all the bases and plays. Remember to support the girls at their next game the 8th of April against Riverside, Oregon here. The times are 11am and 1pm, come support!