Lady Coyotes Put Up a Fight Against TCP Jaguars

Coyotes At Tri-Cities Prep EWAC Matchup


On Thursday, September 16th The Coyotes faced rivals, the Tri-Cities Prep Jaguars. They played hard throughout all three sets. Ready for a fight, both teams came out on top of their game. In the first set, the Coyotes were set up by Josie Lee. Once the ball was set, outside hitter Kendall Armstrong wasted no time slamming right back at them. As the Jaguars were points away from 25, Audri Kinsey kept the game going by giving them some of her best serves. After several shanks on the opponents side, TCP gained their composure and were able to win the first set, 25 to 21.

As the second set started, TCP had a six point lead from their strongest server. Despite their lead, the Coyotes kept battling. Regardless, the lead was too great and the Jaguars won 16 to 25.

In the beginning of the third set, Kendall Armstrong served one of her hardest serves which in return, TCP over passed.  The Coyotes scored on a perfect set for Alyssa Stanley to slam it back down. Given the enormous amount of hustle from both teams, “this game was very entertaining” Elijah Evens said. The Jaguars finished the game within three sets, with a score of 20 to 25 to end the third and final set.