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B&G Basketball Game

Boys Basketball Wins Again

In our last game the boys varsity won against White Swan. The boys varsity won with a score of 86-40.  The Coyotes led all game, the score was 46-22 at half and in the 3rd quarter it became a running clock as the Burbank led by 50 points.  Coyote boys remain undefeated at 15-0.

As for the girls varsity they lost with a score of 44-46.  The game was close throughout as the score was tied at halftime 16-16 and both teams went back and forth with small leads all game.  Burbank had a last second game basket called off to tie the game with a violation call.  Both the boys and girls get back to league games on Friday at Warden

At Warden if you want to go and watch how our teams will dominate them then you should know that this game will take place at Warden with the JV at 4:30 and girls varsity at 6:00 followed by the boys varsity at 7:30. Good luck! Go Coyotes!

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