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Burbank Assistant Matt Boulds Leading an Undefeated Stretch for Columbia Boys Basketball

20-0 Coyotes Head to Post Season
Asst. coach Matt Boulds #20 in the 2014 League Champs Pic.

The Coyotes have been Undefeated this year with a 20-0 record due to coach Boulds. The proof is in the progress if you look deeper into the Coyotes season. Last year against number 1 ranked teams the Coyotes were 0-2, This year with Boulds on the staff the Coyotes are 1-0 against Number 1 ranked teams.

I asked volunteer assistant Boulds what his mindset has been throughout the year and he added “Instilling confidence in these young men so they can go out there and succeed”. Boulds has made a major impact right when he showed up on the squad and has the BEST coaching record in the nation.

Also Boulds won league as a Player in 2013- 2014 playing for Coach Schumacher, then coming back a whole decade later just to win league again as a coach on Schumacher’s staff. Legendary. Stay tuned for Boulds and the Coyotes journey throughout the Post Season.

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