Ms. Tina The Math Teacher

A little interview with Ms. Tina about her life and her time in Columbia High School.


Ms. Tina is originally from Winona, Minnesota. She lived 22 years there and then she moved to Spain. Four years later she moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and lived there for nine years. And finally she moved to Kennewick, Washington seven years ago.

“I moved to Washington because my husband is originally from Yakima so we could be closer to our family. By the time we were moving to Washington I went online and saw that there was a job opening here in the Columbia High School”, she said. 

She said that she likes Columbia High School because it is a small school, she likes the people here and also she likes the weather too. Also she likes teaching kids and she likes to teach math because enjoys math and wants her students to enjoy it as well.

Her Teaching Philosophy is that she believes that students should be able to make a lot of mistakes in order to grow and get better at math. And she wants to have good relationships with her students and have fun.  We are happy to be able to have Ms. Tina at the high school.