Things to do to Waste Time in B-Town

Burbank Sunsets Are Popular Sites

When I first moved here, I didn’t really know what “fun” things I could really do in Burbank. I used to just longboard around but most of the roads I used to skate on have been torn out. So I had to find some other things to fill my time. One thing I enjoy doing is driving around the town or even just catching a breath at the lookout. You can find some pretty cool places to relax here if you just head out with no plan. One of my favorite things to do in Burbank is watching the sky. There are normally gorgeous sunsets, and sunrises here that I enjoy watching when I go on my drives. But, the best time to look at the sky, is at night. Stargazing is a lot easier out in Burbank than it is in town from what I’ve noticed. Another thing you could try to do is start a band. Even if your band doesn’t go far. you can still go down to Hood Park and perform in front of friends or family if you have the guts to.