The Lady Coyotes Go to Tri-City Prep (TCP)

Varsity Volleyball

The starting line up was Audri Kinsey, Alyssa Stanley, Kendall Armstrong, Josie Lee, Karsyn Wallace, and Taylor Kranz. The lady Coyotes put on a good fight against the TCP Jaguars, But in the end they lost 3-0. The first set was very close with the score ending to be 25-21. The second set was a struggle ending in 25-12. The final set was a fight until the end, The Coyotes kept up for a while until the Jaguars were too far gone. The lady Coyotes will play them again later in the season, and they all hope for a different outcome.  Columbia-Burbank returns to action on Tuesday night vs Dayton-Waitsburg.