Keeping The Streak Alive

Burbank Wins 48-28


The Columbia Coyotes played away last Friday at Finley. The coyotes started the game off slow and was held scoreless the first quarter. Finley led 7-0 into the second quarter.  Shaun Wilder then scored tied the game 7-7, but with two minutes left Finley had scored again giving them the lead 13-7.  The Coyotes trailed until , Shaun wilder scored with just 20 seconds.  He had turned a 40 yard pass into a 75 yard touchdown giving Burbank the lead 14-13 at halftime.

Coming out in the third quarter Tristan Frimodt came out ready to score helping the Coyotes keep the lead with two touchdowns . Elijah Kinsey had a 55 yard run for a touchdown. Parker Nelson had his first pick off helping the Coyotes get the ball back to score again. Michael Lenke ended the game with a QB pull tricking the whole Finley Defense. The Coyotes won the game 48-28 making them 6-0. The Coyotes next game is home against Warden for the Homecoming Senior Night.