Girl’s Coyote Basketball Play Against College Place Hawks

Overtime Victory

Last night, the Lady Coyotes had a game against the Lady Hawks. College Place was a strong team with height on their side. The game was pretty close in the very beginning with only a two point lead most of the first half. In the second quarter, the Coyotes started to lead on the scoreboard 18-16 lead at the half.   After halftime, the Hawks came back stronger and were within one shot to tie the game.

With one minute to go, College Place scored two baskets taking the lead 38-36.  It came down to the  Coyotes last possession with only 5 seconds on the clock.  Coach Aune took a timeout and gave his determined girls a Hail Mary play to tie the game and play another four minutes in overtime.  Hailey Jamison hit the shot at the buzzer to send the game into overtime.  With a second left on the clock, the ball was passed to Hailey, who made it, tying the game. In overtime, the Coyotes persevered and won the game 42-38.