New Students At Burbank

Two New Students To The High School

Burbank got two new students in just a couple weeks, Quincy Scott who is a freshman and Braxton Couch also a freshman. Quincy went to elementary school out here for K, 1st and 2nd grade, then he moved up north to Liberty Bell and went to Middle School out there. He came back to Burbank for his dad’s job move and the community, and because they didn’t want to live up north anymore. So far, Quincy is enjoying the school, and he hopes to graduate from here as a Coyote.  Quincy is playing basketball for the Coyotes this season.

Braxton is a freshman here at Burbank, and he transferred from Kamiakin High School in Kennewick. He chose Burbank because its a small school.  He is hoping to get the opportunity to play basketball.  Braxton has only been playing basketball for about a year. He has been playing basketball for only a short amount of time but he really enjoys it and hopes to continue playing here at Burbank.

These two new students really enjoy Burbank so far, and they both hope to graduate from here in four years.  They are both strong students in the classroom.  Welcome these new students to our high school and our community.