Lady Coyotes Pull Big Win Against Tri Cities Prep

Coyotes Defeat Lady Jaguars

Tuesday night was a big game for the Lady Coyote basketball team, they went face to face with the Tri Cities Prep Jaguars. Most people may think that our rivals are Riverview, but for the girls basketball program, it is the Jaguars. They had much preparation for this game, both physically and mentally, which they would need for the tough game ahead of them. The last big game played against Prep was in the last day of the state tournaments in 2020, so the girls were ready for the battle they always end up fighting with Tri Cities Prep.

The girls started off strong with their press and got steals out of them to convert to points on the scoreboard. However, the game stayed close for the most part, and the girls knew they had to work hard for 32 minutes in order to come out with a win. At the end of the second quarter, the Jaguars had caught back up with a score of 26-25.

After halftime, the Coyotes came out with more intensity than before and they were determined to win the game. They got more aggressive on defense and moved the ball with purpose. They made some key plays to eventually pull away from them late in the third quarter and into the fourth quarter. They played hard and took care of the ball until the buzzer and ended up winning by 10 with a score of 43-33. They are now standing 2nd in our side of the league but have yet to play everyone one more time before the championship and districts.