Lady Coyotes Beat the Fighting Irish In A Close Game

Last Second Win

On Tuesday, the Lady Coyotes went on the road to DeSales High School for a non-league basketball game. The Coyotes were at a small disadvantage because of the lack of eligible players. However, the Coyotes were not giving up and still played hard despite missing some key players. They did struggle a bit throughout the game, mostly on defense, but had a few good runs to keep up with the Irish.

Their main shooters, #22 and #25, scored 15 points out of their 25 combined just from three pointers in the first half. The Coyotes knew they had to start denying outside shots from those two shooters so they could limit the amount of three pointers contributing to their score. The score was very close throughout the whole game, at halftime being 26-25. It was no different at the end of the fourth quarter when the Irish was ahead by 2 points with about 48 seconds to go.

The Coyotes ended up scoring two points with 19 seconds left to tie the game, and the Irish was taking the ball out after a time out. The Coyotes decided to press the Irish, which worked and they got a steal, set up an offense, passed the ball around and Audri Kinsey shot and made a short jumper with less than one second left on the clock for the win. The end score was 46-44 and the Lady Coyotes were ecstatic to be able to pull ahead at the very end.