Springing Into Our Third Seasonal Sports

Time to Get Outdoors

With the extremely nice weather last week, it has had most of us feeling ready to welcome spring to Burbank. It is also allowing our spring sport athletes to begin their practices this coming Monday. With spring beginning and winter sports coming to and end soon, this brings baseball, fastpitch softball, track & field, tennis, and golf to CHS.

Sign ups for these sports are currently in the office, following the spring sports meeting last night. To participate in one of these, you must fill out a concussion form, waiver, and have an approved physical within the last year. These sports give students a great opportunity to get outside and get some exercise while enjoying the good weather. Spring sports will last from Monday until about May. Since these are extremely low risk sports, spring sport athletes will not have to test to play in games, meets, or matches.

To sign up or get more information about baseball, softball, or tennis, check the office. For information about track and field, you can contact Mr. Sloan. If there is any interest in playing golf, talk to either William Neylon or Shayley Larson for information or to sign up.