The Mariners Closing In On The Playoffs

Seattle Hasn’t Made The Playoffs Since 2001


The Seattle Mariners (77-60) Have been steamrolling the latter half of this season. They did however suffer a loss to the Chicago White Sox (70-68) on Wednesday and did lose the series, this was a big disappointment to Mariner fans but hope was not lost as the Mariners, for the first time in 21 years, might actually make it into the playoffs.

Before the White Sox series, they came off of a 7 game winning streak with the Detroit Tigers and Cleveland Guardians.  This was an exciting time for Mariner fans as this would prove that the Mariners are still a force to be reckoned with even with it being this late in the season. There is a high chance that they will make it into the playoffs too. As of four days ago, Seattle is now 17 games over 500 which puts them at  a 99.2 percent chance that they will make it into the playoffs.  The next few weeks are critical as Seattle pushes for a post season opportunity.