Coyotes vs Coyotes

Burbank Travels to Kittitas

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The Columbia-Burbank Coyotes are set to take on the Coyotes of Kittitas. The Columbia-Burbank Coyotes (1-1) are coming off of a win versus the Kiona-Benton Bears by the score of 41-18.  They had there second team go in and play and get varsity looks, they did more than great getting many stops and moving the ball. Kittitas is .500 on the season (1-1) losing once but beating Manson High school, 47-14. Both teams are looking to be in the playoff runs and bring back some glory to each school. Last year Columbia-Burbank was in the 2b playoffs and made a run, but unfortunately came up short versus the Okanogan Bulldogs, 50-0.

This fall, Burbank opened the season against Okanogan and showed improvement but yet again, they fell short,47-6. Columbia-Burbank is looking to play the Bulldogs again and have a better outcome.  But first, they travel to Kittitas to take on the West Division school.