Burbank AT Ki-Be Canceled(JV football)

Air Quality Causes Cancelations


Burbank was set to travel to Benton City to take on the Ki-Be Bears however, the game was canceled due to smoke along with all other games and practices from all across this side of the state. The Coyotes won 41-18 on Friday night, during the second half  JV players appeared in the game holding Ki-Be’s varsity to just 18 points for the entire second half.  The JV team is set to play next Monday. The JV roster consists of, Justin Hilbert (QB/LB) Creete Jackson (RB/LB), Justin Good (QB/LB), Logan Beck (QB/LB), Sam Bendotti (WR/DB), Jayden Hansen (RB/LB), Carter Katz (DB/WR), Afton Thelander (WR/DB), Alex Brown (WR/LB), Joseph Neilson (OL/DL), Grady Kinzer (OL/DL), Michael Lueck (OL/DL), Luke Worcott (OL/DL), Tyler Sloan (OL/DL), Matthew Garcia (OL/DL), Logan Kelly (OL/DL), Jon Brooks (WR/DB), Gavin Kinzer (WR/DB), Drayden Ward (OL/DL), and Anthony Thelander (WR/DB).