Coyote Soccer Team

Early Season Results

The soccer team started off the season with a win against White Swan 2-1. The soccer team has been struggling with not having enough players so their second game against College Place had to forfeit because some players were injured. The Coyotes record is 1-4 but they have many games coming up to improve and win. So far on Yennie Vasquez has been making most of the goals but on Thursday the 29th Soraya Lopez made a goal.  The rest of the players are Soraya Lopez, Faith Williamson, Esther Garcia, Anayeli Diaz, Marlen Ramos, Jimena delamora, Sherlyn Olivia, Autumn Christian, Hunter Shoemaker. They all love to work together and they like how they can count on each other as good teammates. They love to improve every chance they can during practice or games. The next Coyotes soccer game is Tuesday away at Goldendale.