Varsity Basketball Cheer Team

Basketball Season Starts In November

Who is on this years Varsity Basketball Cheer Team?


Lynley Mickelson enjoys dancing, traveling, watching movies, and eat popcorn. Ava Womack loves trying new things and wanted to try to cheer because it sounded like fun. She adores reading,watching movies, and eating chocolate. Drue Tebeck does drawing and reading in her free time. Drue also used to be a competitive gymnast. Madisen Goodie is in love with Red-bull and will drink it all day. She likes being with friends and family and loves a good hangout.


Cassidy Redmond has many hobbies like playing volleyball, hanging out with friends, and texting.  She loves Dutch Bros and streaming on Twitch.


Elizabeth Cummings is super passionate about cheer, she always gives it her all. She loves cheering people up and being there for others. Sofia Sanchez loves cheering and playing soccer. She also enjoys spending time with my friends & family, and watching movies. Gracie Gunter’s hobbies include shopping and hanging out with friends. Fun fact she is an only child. Sadi Webb-Safford loves to cheer and be with friends. She loves Red-bull and mac and cheese. Morgan Wright’s favorite drink is a classic Red-bull. Her favorite place to be is with her boyfriend and his family.


Lizeth Morales likes to watch anime, read and go to the gym. Arianna Fisher’s favorite hobby is reading and her favorite color is purple. Ella Morgan likes being with my friends and family, finding new music, and Dr. Pepper. Miss Thaily Cruz, she likes to spend time with friends, hike, and dance.