Coyote Loss

Kittitas Moves On To State


The Columbia Burbank Coyotes faced off again with the Kittitas Coyotes and lost in the rematch.

This time they weren’t just playing to win the game, this was a cross over game with the winner going to the state playoffs. The Columbia Burbank Coyotes played a hard long game but the Kittitas Coyotes had a hard stop to the Burbank Coyotes.

Kittitas scored on the kickoff return to take a 6-0 lead.  Burbank returned a long kick and scored to go up 8 to 6 in the first quarter.  Previous to the game the weather had been raining all day and continued to rain all game. This made the ball very wet and hard to keep a hold of and caused fumbles. This had mostly stopped the Burbank Coyotes from catching but not Tristan Frimont.

Kittitas scored a long Field goal to take the lead for good at 9-8 and ended up with the 24-8 win.  Over all the Kittitas Coyotes pulled through with the win and will play in the state playoffs.