Coyote Basketball and Wrestling Soon To Start

Winter Sports Starts Nov. 14

Coyote Basketball and Wrestling Soon To Start

After football and volleyball finish in the fall, our athletes have been preparing for their next sports. A few winter sports athletes spoke with the Coyote Chronicle.

Mathew Wilder, who is playing basketball this season said, “I’ve been spending extra time in the gym even when there’s nobody else there. I make sure to put extra shots up and stay healthy and active.”

Marlee Paget, who is playing girls’ basketball this season, is also excited for this season, “I am really looking forward to being back in the gym and playing with my team.”

Elijah Kinsey says he is confident in the boys’ basketball team making it to state, saying, “We just need to go win every week.”

Carter Katz, who is wrestling this season, said, “I’m looking forward to the bigger team we have this year and the aspects that come with it.” Be sure to cheer on our Coyote athletes in what they do this season! Go Coyotes!