Damar Hamlin Scare

Game Canceled

Monday Nigh Football was set to be the game of the week, maybe even the game of the year until something very unexpected happened. Damar Hamlin suffered a hit which resulted in cardiac arrest on Monday when he came up to make a tackle on Tee Higgins.  When Tee’s shoulder hit him straight on the chest and then Damar stood up before he fell back over unconscious.

A lot of NFL teams, coaches, players, and people that pay attention to sports showed support by donating, buying stuff, and wearing things that show support for Damar.  The whole nation was shocked and held Damar in their thoughts and prayers.

As of right now Damar is in the IC hospital in critical condition but is recovering. Many reactions differed from each other, most being sad and upset, but the biggest one was confusion on how a random hit could create such an upsetting outcome.