Track Season


Track season is quickly approaching and the runners and throwers of the sport are ready. Track isn’t a very popular sport but it helps with the popular sports. It helps because it will help athletes get faster or it may even help you become better at throwing.

Track can be viewed as the ultimate cardio sport because you’re running a lot but really, it’s like the ultimate workout session. If you do track you can do more then just run on the track there is a field option along with it. You can throw a shot put, you can throw javelin, you can even throw discuss.

The idea of track may seem boring if you are not in it but once you’re in it it’s actually quite a blast. During the practices the running will help build your body and get you in shape and then the track athletes also go into the weight room and lift. If your having second thoughts of joining hear me out, track isn’t only fun but it helps you become great.