Hurricane Ida

The Tragic Hurricane That Destroyed Louisiana


On August 29, the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ida made landfall near Louisiana, devastating the town of Grand Isle, Louisiana. Ida weakened steadily over land, becoming a tropical depression on August 30th, as it turned northeastward. On September 1, Ida transitioned into a post-tropical cyclone as it accelerated through the northeastern United States, breaking multiple rainfall records in various locations before moving out into the Atlantic on the next day. Afterward, Ida’s remnant moved into the Gulf of St. Lawrence and stalled there for a couple of days, before being absorbed into another developing low on September 4.

The hurricane cut out the power, blew the roofs off of buildings, and blew away palm trees. Luckily, Louisiana is slowly recovering and have now gained back 90% of the power in the state. But still, many are traumatized by the horrible events and will struggle to remember what life before the hurricane used to be like.