Dutch Bros Taking Over The Racing Industry

Dutch Bros Makes Horse Racing Happen In Oregon


Grants Pass Downs has been hosting  live horse racing since 1968. The track has always been very popular with the Grants Pass  people especially Dutch Bros founder Travis Boersma.  Boersma started his interest in horse racing from a very young age where he would go to the races and pick out their favorite horses.

In 2015 Travis claimed his first three horses to start his first racing stable. Since then his stable has grown and he has become more and more invested in the track. Boersma has been donating money to the track for years to make it a better facility for the owners, trainers and jockeys to use.

When Portland Meadows closed down in December of 2019 Travis Boersma saw his opportunity to make Grants Pass Downs the only commercial race track in Oregon. He made this decision on the track and had to make some serious changes so it could have a fall and summer meet.

Boersma closed down the facility to make changes and do improvements. They added a soccer field in the infield to help make extra money. They also upgraded the barns, track, and the paddock. The horseman are very pleased with all the changes made to the facilities. the fall meet is happening right now which is televised if you are interested in watching.