Spotlight on Cierra Frase

What does the future hold?


Cierra Frase is a senior year at Columbia High School, she’s been going to Burbank schools for 13 years. She spent one year at Hanford High, and decided it wasn’t for her.  She came back to Burbank where she sees so many familiar faces and reunites with her classmates.

After high school she is planning on going to CBC for a year.  She will then go to Lewis Clark State College after she completes her CBC courses . At CBC she’s going to get all her medical prerequisites. Then she will apply for the Radiology program at Lewis Clark State. When she finishes college she is going to become an MRI technologists.

After this year, while she may miss the memories she made in high school, she is ready to move on with the next chapter in her life.  The future is bright for Cierra Frase.