The One And Only: Taylor Kranz

Senior Showcase


Taylor Kranz is a senior here at CHS. She’s been going here since 7th grade and now thinks of her class as family. She also has a sister who’s in 8th grade. Taylor hasn’t been apart of any clubs, all four years she played volleyball and for two she played softball.

Taylor is absolutely incredible in both sports. She’s also super smart, cheerful and a very happy person. She has an amazingly big heart, and everyone loves to be around her. Shaelynn Kennedy and Cecilia Mendoza are Taylor’s closest friends.

Through all the years her favorite memory she has is during softball her junior year, when she pitched a whole game and we won against Finley. Her plans for after high school is to keep living with her mom and do college online. She hasn’t selected a specific college yet but is still figuring it out.  Until then, Taylor is going to enjoy her senior year in Burbank.