Sadies Dance

The Last Dance Is Set For Saturday May 21

This year sadies will be held the 21st of this month. This is a chance for girls to ask the guys they want to go with. The theme is beach/neon. It will have lots of color and so many fun accessories can be added to you and your date’s outfits! Or if you don’t want a date, take a group of friends and just have fun!

There will be music, and lots of other things for this fun night. The cost to get in is $5 for each person, super affordable for a few hours of fun with your friends!  No Presold tickets will be offered so show up with your 5 bucks.  Ladies, please don’t be shy or anxious about this dance! Ask a guy friend, your best friend, boyfriend or girlfriend! We hope to see you there and we hope you enjoy the fun night!